2014 Award Winning Jams, Rum Cakes & Cookies!!

HomeMaking Queen’s jams were awarded 4 Adult Judges Choice ribbons at the 2013 Clark County Fair, my first year participating.  I was anxious to compete again, not only to enter some new flavors, but also to challenge myself to earn more or a higher ranking ribbons.  This year was also my first year being fully licensed in a commercial kitchen, making this fair an exciting opportunity to get many of my flavors taste tested and scored.

In addition to the 16 Naturally Sweet, Booze-Infused, Fresh Salsas, and Perfectly Picked canned products that I entered, I also entered my Rum Cakes, a few cookies, and a fully-cooked version of my Apple Pie in a Jar.  I went the extra mile, not only with my products, but also with my presentation, taking time to add quit squares to each jar and tie a ribbon bow on every product.

2014 (c) HomeMaking Queen

HomeMaking Queen at 2014 Clark County Fair

HomeMaking Queen was awarded 2, yes two 2nd Best of Class Ribbons (1 each for Canned Goods and Baked Goods Class), in addition to 2 Adult Judge’s Choice, and 2 Youth Judge’s Choice ribbons!!  The Rummy Cherry won another Adult Judges Choice ribbon this year, in addition to the 2nd Best in Class.  The other 2nd Best of Class was awarded to my famous Pecan Spice Rum Cake, a traditional Puerto Rican recipe handed down through generations, modified only slightly to a healthier version.

I was thrilled to have a ribbon winning flavor in each class and received great feedback all around!  As a second timer, I am proud of how far I’ve come, and look forward to only getting better and better each year to come!  You betcha!!

HomeMaking Queen’s objective is to provide good wholesome food, free of hidden ingredients.  In that same manner, I am happy to disclose all product testing and scores publicly.  I am proud to make quality products, with simple and natural ingredients.

HomeMaking Queen’s
2014 Clark County Nevada Fair –
Home Sciences Entries & Scores:
2014 CC Fair – Home Sciences – Canned
Ribbon Awarded
Naturally Sweet Jams
Apple Pie (in a jar) – Entered as cooked pie 82 Youth Judge’s Choice
Peachy Sunrise 93 Blue Ribbon
Winter Berry 2013 93 Blue Ribbon
Blackberry Pomegranate Jam 90 Blue Ribbon
Pure Pomegranate 89 Blue Ribbon
Summer Berry 2013 89 Blue Ribbon
Plum Paradise 88 Blue Ribbon
Pear Nectar 86 Blue Ribbon
Grape Jelly 83 Red Ribbon
Booze Infused Jams
Rummy Cherry (2nd year Awarded Judges Choice!!) 97 2nd Best of Class  -and-Adult Judge’s Choice
Pina Colada 92 Blue Ribbon
Fuzzy Navel 90 Blue Ribbon
Sex on the Beach 89 Blue Ribbon
Fresh Salsas
Mango Salsa 88 Blue Ribbon
Sweet & Spicy Salsa 84 Red Ribbon
Hatch Chile Salsa 81 Red Ribbon
Garden Salsa 77 Red Ribbon
Perfectly Pickled
Garlic – Sweetly Spiced 97 Adult Judge’s Choice
Hatch Chiles 98 Blue Ribbon
2014 CC Fair – Home Sciences – Baked Goods
Ribbon Awarded
Rum Cakes
Pecan Spice Rum Cake 95 2nd Best of Class  -and-Adult Judge’s Choice
Pina Colada Rum Cake 84 Blue Ribbon
Shortbread Jammies – WinterBerry 2013 85 Youth Judge’s Choice
Shortbread Jammies – SummerBerry 2013 88 Blue Ribbon
No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal 87 Blue Ribbon

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