2015 Award Winning Jams!!

2015 (c) HomeMaking Queen

Since I’ve already decided to leave Las Vegas and move across the country, I wanted to enter the 2015 Clark County Fair for my third and final year, and bring my Mom along for all the fun. 

In 2014, I was awarded a total of 6 ribbons, two 2nd Best in Class ribbons, two Adult Judges Choice and two Youth Judges choice ribbons. In 2013, I earned 4 Adult Judges Choice ribbons.

HomeMaking Queen’s Plum Paradise jam was awarded a perfect score of 100 and an Adult Judges Choice ribbon. My Sweetly-Spiced Garlic also got a perfect score and was awarded Adult Judges Choice for the second year in a row. The judge commented, “The best garlic we have tasted! 

Much to my delight, a Youth Judges Choice ribbon was awarded to my Mango Salsa, which shows it contains the perfect amount of sweet and spice, even for kids. My favorite compliment and award was another Adult Judges Choice ribbon for our booze-infused Sex on the Beach jam, stating “Taste’s exactly like the drink. Delicious!” 

Thank you Nevada, for supporting me and my business all these years,
you will always be my home. ❤️

HomeMaking Queen’s objective is to provide good wholesome food, free of hidden ingredients. In that same manner, I am happy to disclose all product testing and scores publicly. I am proud to make quality products, with simple and natural ingredients.

HomeMaking Queen’s
2015 Clark County Nevada Fair –
Home Sciences Entries & Scores:
2015 CC Fair – Home Sciences – CannedScoreRibbon Awarded
Plum Paradise100Adult Judge’s Choice
Blueberry Key Lime Agave95Blue Ribbon
Pure Pomegranate94Blue Ribbon
Peach Beach93Blue Ribbon
Raspberry Creme90Blue Ribbon
Summer Berry 201390Blue Ribbon
Pear Nectar86Blue Ribbon
Strawberry Lemonada69Red Ribbon
Winter Berry 201363Red Ribbon
Blackberry Pomegranate Jam63Red Ribbon
Sex on the Beach98Adult Judge’s Choice
Rummy Cherry80Red Ribbon
Garlic – Sweetly Spiced
(2nd year awarded Judges Choice!)
100Adult Judge’s Choice
Curry Hot Mix95Blue Ribbon
Mango Salsa92Blue Ribbon
Sweet & Spicy Salsa86Red Ribbon
2015 CC Fair – Home Sciences – Baked GoodsScoreRibbon Awarded
Pina Colada Rum Cake77Red Ribbon 
Pecan Spice Rum Cake59Blue Ribbon

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