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ALL of HomeMaking Queen’s fresh fruit preserves contain 20% less sugar, per serving, than any Store Brand preserve on the market! Throw hesitation aside.  Just because things are preserved does not make them any less tasty or versatile in your diet.  I have designed many delicious recipes, everything from the traditionally heavy Blueberry Jam to the surprisingly scrumptious Blackberry Polemegranate Chambord.  Many of my preserves also proudly contain an 8-12% alcohol content, perfect to garnish your Sunday sundae or cocktail!

As a personal challenge, this summer I spent much of my time in the kitchen, learning about preservation and the art of canning.  Now that the leaves are falling from the trees, I can take my tired stock pot off the stove, and label the bounty of glass jars full of nature’s freshly preserved treasures.

After discovering the incredible world of fruit and food preservation, most of my time was spent examining recipes, flavor combinations, acidity versus sugar levels, and ultimately designing the prefect flavorful and healthy combinations.  Using only hand selected farm fresh fruit, natural ingredients and flavors, and keeping sugar contents below 40% using the natural preservative properties of juice from high acid fruits, HomeMaking Queen proudly used Absolutely NO corn syrup, starch, gluten, artificial colors or preservatives!

Please browse the flavors and selections available, I certainly hope you find at least one flavor you can use daily and one that you can treasure & keep as a delightful treat.  Ask about special discounts on orders of 6 jars or more.  Holiday gift baskets and bulk orders are also available.  If you must have a rum cake on your table, you can order those as well.  HomeMaking Queen also specializes in large and gift sized rum cakes and holiday cookies, all which can be combined into a personalized basket for a gift.

If you have any question or concerns, or would like to make a special request, please send all correspondence to HomeMakingQueen@gmail.com  I have accepted this mission upon myself to spread delicious food through the art of preservation of fruit in their natrual and ripest condition, all to eliminate the unnecessary chemicals, sugars  and preservatives we digest daily enjoying simple snacks such as jam on a biscuit… I promise to bring you more flavor, less sugar, and more enjoyment per bite of any one of my products than anything you will find on your local grocers shelf! ~ Dot

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